making death Earn it


How it all started

It all began when I met Chad Garrison. Chad had just moved in next door in 2014. I introduced myself when I noticed he was a Purple Heart recipient. Being a Marine veteran myself, I wanted to connect. I didn’t have any veteran friends in the local area. It was close to the Thanksgiving holiday. I invited him over to have dinner with my family. We hit it off and we became best friends. He became "uncle Chad" to my boys, and my brother from another mother. One day he came home with a dirt bike, and he convinced me to get my own. After a few rides, Chad and I bonded even more, riding was therapy and camaraderie. Chad constantly fought severe PTSD and a TBI. Riding was his way to escape. It was my way to fight depression and anxiety. It truly was therapy, and a brotherhood. We finally found that missing thing in our lives. Days in the desert were never dull. Always fun. We'd finish the day fixing bikes, drinking beer, and discussing "true Boston hardcore". On January 19, 2017 I received news that, I lost another fellow Marine, SSgt. Patrick R Griffin to suicide. That was the second Marine that I served with, to take his own life, the first was SSgt. Scott R. Newman. That's when we decided to start Ei8htup Industries.The program’s aim is to help end veteran suicide. Help the families impacted by it. We race to raise awareness for veteran suicide, and any prize money goes back into the program. We use dirt bikes donated to the program, to teach veterans how to repair and maintain bikes. These bikes allow veterans to participate, without having to own their own bikes. It gives them skills for a possible career in the off-road motorcycle industry. We custom paint helmets to raise funds for our mission, and also gives veterans another skill in their transition tool belt. All of these projects culminate to introduce more veterans to “throttle therapy.” To save veterans lives one ride at a time. We sadly lost Chad in 2018 in a street bike accident, but the mission is stronger than ever. We have been working tirelessly ever since to make this a reality, in their memory, and to provide other veterans the same experience. Because when we ride, in our helmets, the world is quiet.