making death Earn it


How it all started

It all began when a man named Chad Garrison moved into a house on our cul-de-sac. Being a Marine veteran myself, I noticed he had purple heart license plates on his truck. It was close to the Thanksgiving holiday. I introduced myself, we started talking and I asked him " What are you doing for Thanksgiving?" he said "I don't know yet." I invited him over to have dinner with my family. We hit it off and we became best friends. He became "uncle Chad". He bought an ATV, then a dirt bike. He always begged me to get one too so we could go ride together. He finally convinced me to get my own. After a few rides, and realizing how therapeutic riding was for him, we started brainstorming how to have careers riding dirt bikes. Chad loved to ride. Chad constantly fought severe PTSD and a TBI. Riding was his way to escape. Riding for him was better when he shared it with me, he made my whole family get into riding. Days in the desert were never dull. Always fun. We'd finish the day fixing bikes, drinking beer, and discussing "true Boston hardcore". That's when we decided we should try to share this experience with as many veterans as possible. We could race to raise awareness, and any prize money could go back into the program. We would teach veterans how to fix their own bikes, and even try to get more bikes so someone could ride with us. Hopefully even at some point, be able to acquire dirt bikes and gear for veterans. Sadly on Jun 4th 2018 we lost Chad to a street bike accident. After that the mission meant more. I have been working ever since to make this project work, in his memory, and to provide other veterans the same experience as we have had. I know that when I ride, in my helmet, the world is quiet.