Fighting suicide, Helping veterans and their families. One Ride, one rad adventure at a time.


We aim to provide assistance to families impacted by veteran suicide. We provide a constructive form of alternative therapy to veterans, through the use of off-road motorsports. We create an environment of camaraderie, healing, and learning. We have rad adventures on and off two wheels. Competition in off-road racing events, allow us to raise awareness, for the fight against veteran suicide.


We create camaraderie through group activities. together as veterans, with rad adventures on and off two wheels


We help heal the invisible wounds of mental trauma. In our helmets, the world is quiet.


We teach veterans how to repair and maintain dirt bikes. Providing them with skills they can use for a new career, and its an awesome sense of self worth.


We raise awareness for veteran suicide, by competing in offroad competitions, and hosting fundraisers to help further the Ei8htup mission. this is also to inspire other veterans and show them anything is possible.

Contact us

Email: ei8htupind@gmail.com

Phone: 970-639-0811