Our Story

It all started in 2014 when two veterans met, became best friends, and started riding dirt bikes. We realized the freedom that dirt bikes provided. In our helmets we are free. After losing two fellow veterans to suicide, we started trying to figure out a way to make a change. We had to make a change. Dirt bikes helped us, how can we use them to help others? We decided to go to one of the hardest enduro races in the U.S., we were racing for our fallen brothers. Our goal, inspire other veterans, raise awareness for suicide, and any prize money we received we would use it to help other veterans and their families. After the race, the Ideas kept coming. We would get extra bikes, teach veterans how to ride, teach them how to wrench on the bikes. All of these things give veterans a purpose, a new mission, build camaraderie, even skills they could use for a new career. We would combine all of this and go racing more. Any proceeds from the races go back into the mission. Since our inception we have become an official tax exempt 501c3, 509a2 public charity. We continue to grow, we keep adapting, keep finding ways to make an impact, to inspire, to help, to make change. Thank you to all who have supported, and continue to support our mission. We look forward to doing big things and truly ending the fight against veteran suicide. We aim to make death earn it.